Push-Button Switches
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2720-P Series

Mini Pushbutton Switch

Mini Push-button Switch is recommended for universal applications where a momentary operation is required. It comes in two types: push for momentary ON (normally open circuit) or push for momentary OFF (normally closed circuit). Rated up to 6 amps and 250 Vac within the T55 temperature limit, you can apply this switch with confidence and ease. For termination, choose either pre-wired, 6.8x1.0 mm Tab, or Circular Solder Tab.

Primary Product Number:
2720-PA (momentary ON when PUSHED)
2720-PB (momentary OFF when PUSHED)
2720-PA-FC (momentary ON when PUSHED, pre-wired)
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Modular Options:
Terminal: Pre-wired / 6.8x1.0 mm Tab / Solder
Electrical Rating (UL Recognized):
6 A 125-250 Vac T55

Function: (ON)-OFF / (OFF)-ON
Circuitry: SPST
Mounting Cutout: dia. 12.0 mm circle
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