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Professional Electronic Supplier Since 1950.

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MGSwitches (formerly Meggis Enterprise) started its humble journey in 1950 by Mr. Chao-Li Yeh (葉朝禮 先生) and Ms. Jin-Zu Guo (郭錦足 女士). The one-man company, with only NTD 5000 capital investment, developed into a manufacturing company with 100+ employees in 1976, under the leadership of Mr. Wen-Hu Yeh (葉文湖 先生) and Ms. Mei-Nu Guo (郭美女 女士). With hard work and enthusiastic service to our customers, we specialized in producing high-quality electrical components for power management, Hi-Fi system, automobile and marine vehicles.

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The torch is passed down to Mr. Wan-Hsun Yeh (葉旺勳 先生) and Ms. Lieh-Yu Kao (高列余 女士) in 1999. With the challenge and opportunities from globalization, Meggis Enterprise evolves into a professional manufacturing and R&D-driven hybrid entity. Through trial and error, we are now a professional supplier of high-performing electronic components. With decades of resource in the supply chain, a network of professional craftsmanship, and quality product design, Meggis is now re-branded as MGSwitches for our customers worldwide. 

Insisting on our product quality and reliability, MGSwitches' products are proudly sourced and made in Taiwan. Every plastic, resin, metal, silicone or rubber, and electronic components are manufactured with our long-term credited partners. In the Era of Information Explosion, we would like to stand in the world as a definition of intelligent design, authenticity, and quality that will be trusted worldwide.