Marine Switches & Accessories

Marine switches are a unique branch in the world of switches.
They are distinctly eye-catching with the classic brass casing (great for heat dissipation) and are most common in push-button or push-pull actuation style.
As one of MGSwitches' best selling products that have been tested by our customers and market for a long time, we proudly offer you our marine switch line. Emergency kill switch is a must in marine safety. Attach the safety cap/clip securely onto the switch, with the other end attached to a person; when the person falls off the boat/motorboat, the cap is pulled off from the switch, which immediately pauses motor operation. MGSwitches offer two main models: 2711-G is IP67 rated and capable of shutting off both coil or magneto ignition motors. For simpler design, we offer 2711 series with either N.C. or N.O circuitry.

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