Universal Application Toggle Switches
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272 Series

Toggle Switch with Illuminated Option

Our 272 series Toggle Switch is equipped to perform competently to meet any needs. For conditions that require robustness and anti-splash capability, choose chrome-plated brass lever with metal frame; for situations that require illumination, choose transparent red or green plastic toggle lever with bright illuminations. These switches are fitted with durable O-rings inside the bushing mount which blocks accidental liquid spillage.

Primary Product Number:
2722-CB2-M (ON-OFF SPST Brass Lever)
2722-CD2-1L (ON-OFF SPST RED Illumination)
2722-C2 (ON-OFF SPST Black Lever)
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Modular Options:
Toggle Lever: Chrome-plated Brass or Plastic (Red/Green/Black)
Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm QC Tab / 4.74x0.8 mm QC Tab / Solder / Screw Tab
Optional accessories: switch panel seal (BW-01/BW-02) / Waterproof Boots (RC series) / Skirted Hex Nut / Nameplates
Electrical Rating: 15 A 12 Vdc
Function: ON – OFF / ON – ON / ON – OFF – ON; also available in momentary positions
Circuitry: SPST / SPDT / DPST / DPDT
Illumination: 12 Vdc Incandescent Light Blub
Equipped with the anti-splash O-ring seal inside the bushing mount
Mounting Hole: ϕ12 mm
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