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Rocker Switches now Rated to IP68


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At MGSwitches, we continually work on improving our product capabilities.

Recently, we passed the IP68 test with our 289, 299 Series Rocker Switches*. These switches are known for their diverse working environment, powerful electrical rating, and versatility in customization.

The key difference between IP67 and IP68 is as follows:

IP67 products can only resist water when submerged in water less than 1 meter of depth, up to 30 minutes.

IP68 products, in contrast, can resist water with a depth of more than 1 meter for up to an hour. 

In short, a switch with an IP68 rating provides better environmental sealing and protection. They are suitable for a moist/humid environment and provide better protection in places where combustible gas/aerosol is present. 

See our IP68 Rocker Switches here: link

Check out our IP69K Toggle Switches - one of the best high-quality toggle switches you can find on the market.

* Rated to IP68 above switch panel when properly installed.

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