IP69K Waterproof Toggle Switches
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TS Series

Waterproof Toggle Switch Step Base IP69K

Our TS series IP69K Waterproof Toggle Switches stand out as one of the most industrial and high-performance electronic switch on the market, with long-lasting and chemical/heat-resistant silicone gasket implanted inside the bushing mount, it provides unmatched protection to any unwanted foreign particles and fluid. Rated up to 20 A in both DC and AC. Nickel-plated toggle is corrosion resistant and provides exceptional tactile texture to actuate. For high-temperature situations, our switch is certified up to 125°C (note: high-temp switch is without IP69K sealing). TS series comes with binding head screw terminals (6-32 UNC .260 screws) for secure wiring against vibration and unexpected pulling forces on wiring; for tab-type terminals, check out our TC series.
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Modular Options:
Toggle Lever: Nickel-plated Brass / Plastic / Locking Levers
Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm QC Tab / 4.74x0.8 mm QC Tab / Solder / Screw Tab
Optional accessories: switch panel seal (BW-01/BW-02) / Waterproof Boots (RC series) / Skirted Hex Nut / Nameplates
IP rating: IP69K Switch
Electrical Ratings (UL 61058-1/ENEC15 Recognized):
20 A 6-30 Vdc T55
20(8) A 125/250 Vac T55
20 A 6-30 Vdc T125/55 (non-waterproof; for the high-temperature environment [rated to 125°C])
20(8) A 125/250 Vac T125/55 (non-waterproof; for the high-temperature environment [rated to 125°C])

Function: ON-OFF / ON-ON / ON-OFF-ON / ON-ON-ON, also available in momentary positions
Mounting Hole: ϕ12 mm
Each switch includes standard accessories: 2x Hex Nuts / 1x Internal Tooth Lock Washer / 1x Keyway Lock Washer (packaged separately) / 6-32 UNC .260” Binding Head Screw with Washer
RoHS compliant