IP69K Waterproof Toggle Switches
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TC Series

Waterproof Toggle Switch Flat Base IP69K

TC series IP69K Waterproof Toggle Switches stand out as the most economic and high-performing electronic switch on the market, with durable and chemical/heat-resistant elastomer gasket embedded inside the bushing mount, it provides unmatched protection to any unwanted alien elements and conditions. Rated up to 20 A in both DC and AC. Nickel-plated toggle is corrosion resistant and provides excellent tactile feel for actuation. For high-temperature enclosures, our switch is certified up to 125°C (note: high-temp switch is without IP69K sealing). TC series comes with 4 kinds of tab-type terminals. For binding head screw terminals (6-32 UNC .260 screws), check out our TS series.

Modular Options:
Toggle Lever: Nickel-plated Brass / Plastic / Pull-to-Unlock Levers
Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm QC Tab / 4.74x0.8 mm QC Tab / Solder / Screw Tab
Optional accessories: Switch Panel Seal (BW-01/BW-02) / Waterproof Boots (RC series) / Skirted Hex Nut / Nameplates
Additional terminal epoxy sealing available
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1. Top-rated IP Level: IP69K switch (In accordance with IEC 60529 cl. 13.4 test and ISO 20653 cl 9.4/9.4.3 test)
2. Anti-corrosion nickel-plated lever which provides satisfying tactile feel
3. Can handle up to 20 Amps in either DC or AC current
4. Highly modular with terminal options
5. Optional epoxy sealing on the switch terminals
6. Works great with MGSwitches' Swtich Boot and Panel
IP rating: IP69K
Electrical Ratings (UL 61058-1/ENEC15 Recognized):
20 A 6-30 Vdc T55
20(8) A 125/250 Vac T55
20 A 6-30 Vdc T125/55 (non-waterproof; for the high-temperature environment [rated to 125°C])
20(8) A 125/250 Vac T125/55 (non-waterproof; for the high-temperature environment [rated to 125°C])

Function: ON-OFF / ON-ON / ON-OFF-ON / ON-ON-ON, all available in momentary positions
Mounting Hole: ϕ12 mm
Each switch includes standard accessories: 2x Hex Nuts / 1x Internal Tooth Lock Washer / 1x Keyway Lock Washer (packaged separately)
RoHS compliant