Battery Switch and Meter
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BS-001 / BS-002

Battery Switch

MGSwitches battery switches are made with high quality copper contacts that are sealed with an O-ring inside a secure housing. This design offers ignition protection as recommended by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). As such, the battery switch prevents igniting a surrounding air-fuel mixture if there is an explosion (e.g. spark) inside the switch and cannot reach a high enough surface temperature. Both the switch housing, base, and turn knob are made of fire-retardant material (PC, ABS, PBT+GF) for additional safety consideration. This battery switch/selector is a great tool for battery management in anyone's power management system.
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A. Pure copper contacts for superior conductivity
B. Ignition protected - sealed housing that encloses all moving contacts
C. Excellent tactile feedback turn knob
Product Number:
Single Circuit ON-OFF Battery Switch (BS-001) – for a single battery
4-Position Selector Battery Switch (BS-002) – for two batteries

Electrical Rating:
230 A 6-32 Vdc (continuous)
345 A 6-32 Vdc (intermittent)