Marine Switches & Accessories
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SP Series

Marine Toggle Switch Panel

MGS’ Marnie Toggle Switch Panel Sets offer a complete package for adding switch panels that will greatly enhance your control and the finished look on marine vehicles. Made with our UL recognized 282 series Stainless Steel Toggle Switches, each switch is paired with an in-line fuse blade holder which prevents unwanted electrical damage to your electronics. By popular demand, we also offer models that come with a single 12 Vdc power plug. Besides, for clear visibility in a dark environment, two models have an illuminated indicator lens when the switches are turned on. Each set comes with 28 indication stickers for commonly used marine electronics, 4x self-drilling screws, 1x panel foam pad, and 1x wire connector.

The panels can be custom-made with any prints for letters and logos. Please contact us for custom-made design.
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4-Gang (4x ON-OFF Switches): SP-2004
4-Gang (3x ON-OFF Switches + 1x 12Vdc Power Plug): SP-2013
4-Gang, Illuminated (2x ON-OFF Switches + 1x MON-OFF-MON Switch + 1x 12 Vdc Power Plug): SP-2013-L-M2
6-Gang (6x ON-OFF Switches): SP-2006
6-Gang (5x ON-OFF Switches + 1x 12 Vdc Power Plug): SP-2015
Switch Electrical Rating (UL 1054 Recognized)
20 A 125 Vac / 12 A 250 Vac


Mounting Cut-out:
85x90 mm Rectangular Cut-out