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BP Series

Toggle and Rocker Switch Panels

MGSwitches manufactures aluminum switch panels that accompany nicely with our toggle & rocker switch products. Anodized aluminum plate provides excellent resistance to wear and corrosion. The panels come with anti-rust self-drilling screws. Also, we offer models with a stadium shape cut-out that can be fitted with a standard fuse holder or breaker. This allows for easy fuse replacement and breaker resets. Besides our standard printout, you can customize the panel with any layout you’d like. Send us the print design for evaluation (minimal MOQ is required for customized products).
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A. Anodized solid aluminum plates - corrosion and wear resistance
B. Versatile in fitting either toggle or rocker switches
C. Standard coloration: original aluminum or black; other colorations available if MOQ is met
D. Optional Breaker/Fuse Holder slots available on certain models
E. Customizable panel prints – design your logo and panel layout (additional fees required)
Panel Size: 63.5 x 76 mm
Panel Switch Cut-out: dia. 12 mm circle // 31 x 22 mm rectangle // Stadium Shape (16.5 x 13.5 mm) for fuse holders or breakers

BP-001: 1x Panel // 1x Toggle Switch (2-Position)// 1x Switch Boot
BP-002: 1x Panel // 1x Illuminated Toggle Switch (2-Position) // 1x Switch Boot
BP-003: 1x Panel // 1x Illuminated Toggle Switch (3-Position) // 1x Switch Boot
BP-004: 1x Panel // 1x Illuminated Rocker Switch (3-Position) // 1x Fuse Holder
BP-005: 1x Panel // 1x Illuminated Rocker Switch (3-Position) // 1x Circuit Breaker

Additional water/liquid protection: O-ring seal for fuse holders and transparent elastomer cap for circuit breaker (included with set); stainless steel self-drilling screws (SS304) also included
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