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RC Series

Waterproof Switch Boot

Switch Boots look simple but they are full of design detail. We offer two types of Switch Boots. For full protection against both liquid and dust, choose the RC-7, RC-10, and RC-11 series. The molded-in silicon cap comes with a sealing O-ring at the bottom to block off any unwanted elements from entering the switch as well as switch panel. In places where the liquid is not a major concern, choose our RC-1, RC-2, RC-5, and RC-6 series. They are available in a variety of styles and materials. From circular or hex shapes to copper or plastic nuts, you can find the best boot that will suit for your specific situation.

For mid- and small-size rocker switches, we offer silicone caps that also offer protection against liquid and dust (RC-3 for small size; RC-9 for mid-size rocker switches). Adding these accessories is the economic way to obtain sealed switch for increased environmental protection and application range.
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Modular Options:
Thread size:
M12x0.75 // M12x0.8 (equivalent to 15/32”-32 Imperial Threading) // M12x1.0
Basic Coloration: Black // Clear // Red // Blue // Yellow; inquire for other colorations
Base Material: Copper // Silicone
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