Push-Button Switches
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FP series

Adhesive Pushbutton Switch Module

The FP series Adhesive Pushbutton Switch Modules are useful for adding electronics to desired locations with the human-control interface still conveniently at hand. In automobiles, they are useful for adding customized light bars or fog lights with controls remained on dashboards. Each Switch Module is fitted with a strong double-sided adhesive foam pad which allows for easy and secure installation on clean and smooth surfaces. The switch itself is rated up to 300 mA 12 Vdc. In cases where one’s electronics demand higher electric power (a.k.a. wattage), use the switch to control an adequate relay which will provide the main power from a battery or other power sources.

Single Pushbutton (ON-OFF control for one (1) electronic; P/N: FP-002)
Double Pushbutton with the Main Power Switch (ON-OFF control for two (2) electronics; P/N: FP-001)
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Single Pushbutton (FP-002): ON-OFF SPST
Double Pushbutton with Main Power Switch (FP-001): 2x (two) independent ON-OFF SPST

1x Double-sided Adhesive Foam Pad
Electrical Ratings:
300 mA 12 Vdc
**Note: to control electronics that require higher wattage (e.g. light bar or fog light), connect the Switch Module to control an appropriate relay that will provide the main power
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