Push-Button Switches
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Sensor Switch

275 Series

Push-button Switch / Sensor Pushbutton Switch

MGSwitches offers several push-button switches with various styles. Both 2751-A and 2751-B are equipped with eye-catching bright red caps for easy identification. The 2752 series comes in either 2-pin or 4-pin version (for single pole or double pole application). This switch is often applied to automobiles or fridge doors that can turn on/off a response (e.g. lighting) when triggered. For safety measures, sensor switches can also be deployed to the bottom of appliances for tilt/topple detection.
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Electrical Ratings:
Square Cap Pushbutton: 3 A 125 Vac / 1 A 250 Vac
Red Cap Momentary Pushbutton: 3 A 125 Vac
Sensor Pushbutton (2-pin / 4-pin): 3 A 125 Vac or 12 Vdc / 1 A 250 Vac or 24 Vdc

Square Cap Pushbutton: ON-OFF SPST
Round Cap Momentary Pushbutton: (ON)-OFF SPST
Sensor Pushbutton: (ON)-OFF or (OFF)-ON / SPST or DPST

Mounting Cutout:
2751-A: 11.3x12.3 mm rectangle
2751-B: dia. 7.2 mm circle
2752: dia. 15 mm circle