IP68 Waterproof Rocker Switches
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illuminated Switch

289 Series

Waterproof Rocker Switch with Illuminated Option

Our 289 series IP68 Waterproof Power Rocker Switch is the embodiment where versatility meets practicality. With more than 20 actuator styles and unlimited printable symbols, one can customize this switch into any form possible. Rated IP68 to provide resistance to unwanted dust and liquid, the 289 series serves well up to 20 amps. For extreme environment where low or high temperature is expected, choose the special edition that can serve well between -40 to +85°C (rated IP40 only). Using MGS’ patented LED PCB Modules, the 289 Rocker Switch provides unmatched stability for LED illumination.

We are currently working on improving 289 Series' IP rating to IP68 switch. Stay tune for future update.
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Modular Options:
Actuators: 24 design styles for non-illuminated and illuminated switches
Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm QC Tab / 4.74x0.8 mm QC Tab / Solder / Screw Tab
Optional accessories: Modular Switch Panel (R3 series)
The 289 Series can be custom-made with any prints for letters and logos. Please contact us for custom-made design.
LED switch with LED color options: red, amber, green, and blue.
IP68 Switch
IP rating: IP68
Electrical Ratings (UL 61058-1 / ENEC15 Recognized):
16 A 6-30 Vdc T55
20(8) A 125-250 Vac T55
16 A 6-30 Vdc 40T85/55 (IP limited to IP40; for extreme enclosure environment from -40 to +85°C)
20(8) A 125-250 Vac 40T85/55 (IP limited to IP40; for extreme enclosure environment from -40 to +85°C)

Function: ON-OFF / ON-ON / ON-OFF-ON / ON-ON-ON, also available in momentary positions
Illumination: 12 or 24 Vdc LED (RED/BLUE/GREEN/AMBER)
Mounting Cutout: 37.0 x 21.1 mm rectangle
Each switch includes 1x Elastomer Switch Panel Seal
RoHS compliant
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