Universal Application Toggle Switches
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282 series

Stainless Steel Toggle Switch

The 282 series Toggle Switch is made with Stainless Steel 304 which provides utmost corrosion resistance and strength.
Highly capable to handle up to 20 Amps, the toggle lever comes in two dimensions (17.4 or 50.8 mm) by choice. The switch's signature crisp actuation movement provides a satisfying tactile actuation.
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Modular Options:
Toggle Lever: Short (17.4 mm) or Long (50.8 mm) Chrome-plated Brass Bat / Spring Toggle (for limit switch application)
Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm QC Tab / 4.74x0.8 mm QC Tab / Solder / Screw Tab
Optional accessories: Switch Panel Seal (BW-01/BW-02) / Waterproof Boots (RC series) / Skirted Hex Nut / Nameplates
Electrical Ratings (UL 1054 Recognized)
20 A or 1/2 hp 125 Vac
12 A or 1 hp 250 Vac

Function: ON-OFF / ON-ON / ON-OFF-ON, all available in the momentary positions
Circuitry: SPST, SPDT
Mounting Hole: ϕ12 mm
Each switch comes with standard accessories: 2x Hex Nuts / 1x Internal Tooth Lock Washer / 1x Keyway Lock Washer
RoHS compliant
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