Universal Application Toggle Switches
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277 Series

Auto Toggle Switch with Illuminated Option

277 series Auto Toggle Switches are the perfect combination of utility and versatility. Popular in the automobile/racing market, its small profile allows it to be fitted in tight spaces anywhere you’d like. In a dimly lighted environment, Auto Toggle Switches also come in illuminated versions. We offer up to 4 kinds of LED colorations (RED / BLUE / YELLOW / GREEN).

Primary Product Number:
2772 (ON-OFF; Plastic Paddle)
2773 (ON-OFF-ON; Plastic Paddle)
2772-D (ON-OFF; Duckbill Lever)
2773-D (ON-OFF-ON; Duckbill Lever)
2773-L (ON-OFF; RED Incandescent Light Paddle)
2775-LR (ON-OFF; RED LED Aluminum Toggle)
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Modular Options:
Toggle Lever: Plastic Paddle / Plastic Duckbill Lever / Aluminum Toggle with LED
Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm QC Tab
Optional accessories: Switch Panel Seal (BW-01/BW-02) / Waterproof Boots (RC series) / Skirted Hex Nut / Nameplates
Electrical Rating: 10 A 12 Vdc
Function: ON – OFF / ON – OFF - ON
Circuitry: SPST / SPDT
Illumination: 12 Vdc LED (RED / BLUE / YELLOW / GREEN) or 12 Vdc Incandescent Light Bulb
Mounting Hole: ϕ12 mm
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